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"We are excited to announce that Coach Tomas Sidabra will be joining our experienced coaching team for the new season!"


TOMAS: "Every coach reaches the point in their career when you need to move forward, advance. Suns Basketball club, with a track record of greatness for basketball is my next stop. Joining this basketball club isn't just a decision I've taken lightly; it's a strategic move towards achieving both personal and team excellence. The legacy of success that the Suns Basketball club has built over the years resonates deeply with my own coaching philosophy and aspirations. The opportunity to contribute my expertise to a team that values growth, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of improvement is what draws me to this club. I am excited to share my experience, learn from the existing talent, and together, continue to elevate the club to even greater heights in the upcoming seasons!"


TOMAS: "In my new role with the Suns Basketball club, I will be taking on a position as the coach and developer for the junior boys age groups. This responsibility excites me immensely, as I believe that shaping young athletes at this crucial stage of their development not only influences their basketball skills but also imparts valuable life lessons. Nurturing their passion for the sport, enhancing their fundamental techniques, and fostering a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship will be at the forefront of my coaching approach. Within my role, I will also actively contribute to the transformative process of reshaping and expanding the Men's team. With a keen focus on strategic planning, skill enhancement, and fostering a culture of unity, my efforts will be dedicated to take team towards new heights of achievement and recognition. In essence, my role at the Suns Basketball club encompasses not only the technical aspects of coaching but also the broader mission of inspiring and shaping young athletes into well-rounded individuals who excel both on the court and in life. I am eagerly looking forward to the challenges and rewards that this multifaceted role will bring and am determined to make a lasting and positive impact on the club and its aspiring players."

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