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U16 - BOYS



The ​U16 teams participate in Local Tournaments, County Leagues, and the National League by Basketball England. The league starts in October, until April.  The teams have two training sessions per week and matches during the weekend. 


Most of the players join the teams through our Development Centre. To join one of the U16 teams, you should be either a member of the club or an experienced player (in this case you should attend the trials during May/June - to be updated on the U16 trials please follow our social media).  Our members come from several areas, some of them are Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Orpington (Bromley), Tonbridge, Dartford, Sidcup (Bexley), Hastings, Folkstone, and more.

For more follow our Facebook page or sign up for our Newsletter (it is free). Else, contact:


Sevenoaks Suns - SUN.jpg

Timothy Dulice

Head Coach

Sevenoaks Suns - SUN.jpg

Chris Annis

Assistant Coach

Sevenoaks Suns - SUN.jpg

Isabel Parrilla

Head Coach

Sevenoaks Suns - SUN.jpg

Nauris Ernstsons

Development Coach


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