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U10 and U8 training sessions take place in Haysbrook on Mondays. We have an enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic group of young boys and girls ready to play and have a great time, week after week. Aside from the basic technical skills of basketball (dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting), we believe in the importance of the development of gross motor skills such as coordination, balance, and landing technique. These abilities are key in the physical development of young children. There is a great atmosphere on the court, with three young coaches assisting in the session, making the session even funnier for the youngsters. Some of them are completing their Duke of Edinburgh award with us, learning life skills as young leaders. We want to give a big thank you to all the parents who are also helping out in the session. Their commitment is much appreciated. We are also organising a little 3v3 tournament with another club, which will take place next March. We are sure it will be a great experience for all of them and will become a regular event in the short term.

Author: Isabel Parrilla, Angelia Ronayne

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