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It`s been a busy season for our youth teams. Here is a review of all the youth team’s campaigns so far!



The U14 Premier Team experienced a thrilling season filled with many close games, showcasing their resilience and determination on the court. Despite encountering numerous highs and lows, the team delivered stellar performances, often integrating elements from their training into their gameplay. However, the season also posed challenges, including grappling with long-term injuries and facing formidable opponents. Despite these hurdles, the team remained steadfast in their efforts, demonstrating their commitment to pushing through adversity and competing at their best. Each game presented an opportunity for growth and learning, and the team's ability to navigate through both triumphs and setbacks speaks volumes about their character and tenacity. As the season draws to a close, the U14 Premier Team can reflect with pride on their accomplishments and look forward to building upon their experiences in the seasons to come.

- by Coach Dimitris


U14 girls completed a successful season finishing tied for 1st in the South Conference. They worked really hard and improved throughout the year. With 8 returning players the future looks bright for this age group. Coach Marvin Ambrosius said:"words can't express how proud I am of the team this season. Thank you parents for your patience, driving, cheering and support."

- by Coach Len

U14 NL

The U14 Conference Team embarked on their journey in the National League with a roster primarily composed of newcomers to basketball and competitive play. Despite this, the team displayed remarkable spirit and commitment throughout the season. Players exhibited a genuine eagerness to learn and improve, embracing the challenges of competing at a higher level with enthusiasm. Throughout the season, there was evident progress in their skills and understanding of the game, reflecting their dedication to personal and collective development. From working on improving their basic techniques to grasping tactics on the court, each player demonstrated a willingness to push beyond their comfort zones and strive for excellence. This collective commitment to growth fostered a positive and supportive team environment, where players encouraged and uplifted one another. As the season progressed, the team's cohesion and skill level continued to evolve, laying a strong foundation for future success.

U16 NL

After having only won 5 games last year, we knew this year had to be better. A lot better. With the annual team personnel change bringing a number of high achieving U14s to the roster, and a maturing core of players from last year’s U16s team there was a confidence amongst the coaching staff that it could and would be different.

The season started with 3 tough games of which we won 1 and lost two.  All three of these games were tight and the Suns exhibited some early signs of having a grit and determination that would serve them well throughout the season.

After these early season defeats the Suns then went on a 13-game winning streak. Some games were comfortable but for a number of them we had to come from behind and dig in. The team really proved that they wanted it and showed a maturity and will to win that highlighted both the personal and team growth from the previous year resulting in a record of 15 wins and 3 loses and finishing 2nd in the league.

There has been undeniable growth this year, both as individuals and as a collective unit.  At times we have been put under pressure and at times we have put ourselves under pressure, but what made heads drop at the start of the season has given way to a new-found resilience and desire to win. There was a strength of character that developed over time and something that all players can carry forward to their second year of U16s or moving into the U18s. There was a belief that no game was over until it’s over. It’s a real pity that the season has to be….

- by Coach Chris

U16 NL Girls

U16 girls also completed a successful season finishing with a 14-3 record which included a 25 point win over the league champions Solent Kestrals. The team made big strides during the season and with a lot of returning players, should be able to move up to Premier next season. The hope is also to add a higher level team, probably Division 2 for the players moving up. - by Coach Len


U10 Kent mixed 3v3

Great campaign for our youngsters. First year for most of them playing basketball. Their attitude is superb, and they are progressing every single week. In he first 3v3 tournament back

in October there were some shy faces, but the performance last week was magnificent: the level of effort, confidence, shooting and defense… but also they are starting to understand and read the game, play as a team and make correct decisions. Playoffs in May, we are ready. Growing the game!! Special thank you to all the parents for the support and those helping as coaches in the tournaments!! There has truly been a sense of community on the court. - by Coach Isabel

U12 Kent

With a squad mainly composed of new players who joined the club this year, the U12 Kent team is currently battling for one of the three playoff spots. Showing significant progress throughout the year, the team has gained momentum towards the end of the season. Best wishes for the remaining matches, and hopefully, a playoff qualification awaits!

- by Coach Cedric

U14 Kent

First year of basketball for most of the players in this squad. They have progressed in all areas of the game month after month. The results haven´t been the best, with some tough losses but we learned from them too and the level of effort and attitude are impeccable, coming to practice every week to get better. We really can see that these boys have a true passion for basketball and enjoy the game.

- by Coach Isabel

U14 Kent Girls

Steady and step by step. This group of total beginners in basketball started last year and this is the first season we have entered a competition. Last week we beat the top team on the table. Play offs in May waiting for us!! Here we come, girls! The commitment in practice is great and we have had new commers trying out the sessions lately. We have to work a lot on fundamentals, but the confidence, the passion and our defense are terrific.

- by Coach Isabel

U16 Kent

This season can´t be any more exciting and closer! 4 clubs with the same number of points and able to qualify for playoffs. The atmosphere in practice has been outstanding, although with the exams approaching in the last two months it has been challenging to practice with the whole team together. The boys push themselves to the maximum in the drills and show character. They all have progressed immensely playing as a unit. still a lot to improve but the attack is a lot more fluid and efficient, with some great moves and assists in our last game against top of the table team.

- by Coach Isabel


U12 Surrey

The U12 Surrey team finished with a record of 7-3. They had some positive moments, great teamwork, and sportsmanship. The boys are very mature for their age and doing the best they can to understand the fundamentals of the game. The playoffs are still ahead of us and we need to prepare to go hard there to try to win the league. The boys have been committed to team sessions as well as development sessions and working on their individual skills a lot.

- by Coach Nauris

U12 Surrey White

The U12 Whites had a fantastic first half of the season. They started in Div 3 of the Surrey League and battled hard to win 4 of 5 games. There were some nail-biting finishes and they did so well to stay calm and work hard on both ends of the floor to get the wins. For the first time ever, they were promoted to Div 2!

The second half of the season was tougher, but they worked hard as a team against some much bigger players and developed their skills along the way. It has been a pleasure to coach such a kind, dedicated and talented team. I am sure they will be even more successful next season. - by Coach Michele

U14 Surrey

The U14 Surrey team finished with a record 1-9. Unfortunately, the record doesn't show the positive aspect of what we have achieved with most of the boys playing basketball their first season and some of them their second. Nevertheless, all of them were continuously learning how to play the game and we had a lot of very close games, where the boys fought until 4th quarter. Even though we came short, we set a great foundation for the next year for the boys to achieve a good level of basketball ability, which is always the most important thing to focus on.

Overall it has been an exciting season and thanks to all the parents and coaches for the help to make it happen.

- by Coach Nauris

U16 Surrey White

A solid first half of the season, with a nearly balanced record. Unfortunately, the second half of the season proved to be a bit more challenging due to some injuries and exams, which prevented the group from performing as well as they could have. Nonetheless, there was good attendance and significant improvement from the players within the group. Best of luck to all our players who are facing exams.

- by Coach Cedric

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