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The U12 White team will face Sutton Storms in the Surrey League next Sunday as they look to defend their third place position in the table. It is their final game of the first leg. It has been a sensational start to the season for the team. Despite falling to defeat against two strong teams in the Berkshire Bulldogs and Woking Blackhawks Girls U13, they managed to win the fourth quarter, which corroborates the mindset, spirit and courage with which they play. Fighting for rebounds and strong defense is what we aim for as a team. Most of the boys in the team are 10 and 11 years old, but the attitude in training is exemplary and they are always trying their hardest. Coach Isabel’s objective is to promote the culture of effort and intensity during training sessions and therefore in games.

Due to the pandemic and some injuries, games have been affected, but we keep going step by step and learning from our mistakes, defeats and victories, but first and foremost we enjoy the game of basketball.

Author: Isabel Parrilla, Angelia Ronayne

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