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We're really happy to have Zulieka and Allie back with the WBBL team this year. Both are outstanding young guards who continue the Suns tradition of developing outstanding young talent. They are both among the best in the country in their respective age groups. The hope is that they continue to grow as young athletes and go on to realize their basketball dreams.

Zulieka Franklin: This is Zulieka's fourth year with the Suns and her second with the WBBL team. She is an outstanding U18 guard with a bright future. We're hoping she continues to raise her game this year.

Alli Allum:

Allie is an outstanding young point guard who is very mature for her age. This opportunity with the WBBL team will enable her to experience high-level basketball and take her game to a new level. It should be a great learning experience for her.

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