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Who I am and my connection to Suns:

I’m May Busch. My husband, Len, is the head coach of the WBBL team and of the Suns junior girls program. All three of our daughters have grown up as Suns players. Our middle daughter Renee plays for the WBBL team and she’s a “housemate” of ours, along with two other WBBL players, Cat and Frankie.

Our shared values / Why I care about and invest in/sponsor Suns:

I’ve watched Suns develop girls and women, not just as players but as people. And while of course we always want to win, it’s about the process, the journey, and always getting better.

There’s a wonderful spirit of the WBBL team. They talk about issues no matter what, so they can always end up in a better place. They always try to do the right thing and the team has a lot of heart.

For me it comes back to what Len used to preach in the early days of Suns: Defence, Hustle & Heart.

  • Defence because it’s something you can control.

  • Hustle because that’s part of what it means to bring your best.

  • Heart because that’s what it takes to win as a team.

What I do / My business:

Following my 24-year career in investment banking, most recently as COO for Morgan Stanley Europe, I now help women and minorities advance in their careers. I also help managers to create an environment for everyone to thrive.

I do this through executive coaching, corporate workshops, and online programs, such as “How to Get Promoted” and “Next Level Leadership” and my online career development platform

You can find out more on my website where I blog weekly.

Something fun:

If you see me at a WBBL game, please come and say hello! I’m the one who’s cheering loudly (like an American).

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