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Double Delight: U14 and U16 Suns Players Shine in England Talent Programme Selection Camps

In a testament to their burgeoning talent and dedication to the sport, two standout players from the U14 and U16 Suns have secured coveted spots in the England Talent Programme (ETP) selection camps.

Sophie Lau from the U14 Suns and Elodie De Jonge from the U16 Suns have both been selected to participate in the prestigious ETP selection camps. These camps, scheduled to take place from May 26th to 29th at the National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester, provide a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and vie for opportunities to represent their country in various tournaments and games throughout the spring and summer months.

Sophie Lau, representing the U14 Suns, has earned her place in the selection camp through her exceptional talent and hard work on the court. Her selection is a testament to her dedication to the sport and her potential to excel at the highest levels of basketball.

Meanwhile, Elodie De Jonge, a standout player for the U16 Suns, has also been chosen to participate in the ETP selection camp. Her selection reflects her outstanding performance in regional competitions and her commendable contributions to the Aspire programme.

Steve Bucknall, BE's Head of Talent and Performance, praised both Sophie and Elodie for their achievements, stating, "Their selection is a testament to their outstanding skill level demonstrated during the Aspire programme, stellar performance in regional competitions, and glowing recommendations from coaches and our regional talent managers talent scouts."

As Sophie and Elodie prepare to showcase their talent on a national stage, the entire U14 and U16 Suns community rallies behind them, cheering them on every step of the way. We wish Sophie and Elodie the best of luck as they represent the U14 and U16 Suns in the ETP selection camps and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on their journey and continued success on the court!

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