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Two of the most instrumental players in Sevenoaks Suns’ silverware rush during recent years are back on board for the 2021-22 WBBL season.

One of the greatest players in league history, Cat Carr will be returning to the club for her eighth season, having led Suns to another league title last year. She also scooped the WBBL Player of the Year honour for a second time.

“I was excited when Cat made the decision to return for this season,” said Suns’ play-caller Len Busch.

“She is such a great player and a terrific person, who makes everyone around her better.”

Carr herself issued a typically direct message upon re-signing, adding, “I’m looking forward to getting back out on the court with my teammates and battling together.

“Yes, it’s a new season, but we have the same goals and it’s time to get after it.”

Another pivotal player behind the Suns having landed eight trophies is Renee Busch, widely renowned for being one of the best shooters in the WBBL.

“Much like Cat, Renee has improved every year and she forces the other teams to respect her shooting, which opens up the middle for others,” said Coach Busch.

“She is also one of our most vocal defenders, which is a big part of our defensive effectiveness.”

Renee added, “Yes, I am back again and I can’t believe this will be my sixth season with Suns.

“Time has flown but I’m still enjoying it all and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now. I’m ready to soak up every moment of this season. I’m excited for our team and looking forward to competing together and making each other better.”

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