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"We are excited to announce that Coach Cédric Nonn will be joining our experienced coaching team for the new season!"


CÈDRIC: "Hey everyone,

I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining you for the upcoming season with the Suns! My decision to join this team stems from my unwavering passion for basketball and my fervent desire to contribute to the growth of the sport in England.

Basketball is experiencing an incredible surge here, and it's fantastic to witness how rapidly new talents are emerging. Sevenoaks seems like the perfect place to nurture these future champions, and I can't wait to dive headfirst into this adventure.

You might not be familiar with my name yet, and that's completely understandable. For the past year and a half, I've been coaching in France, but prior to that, I had the honor of guiding young basketball prodigies during my previous stint with the Birmingham Rockets, right here in England.

The impatience that fuels me is hard to contain, as I'm about to get to know each one of you and collaborate hand in hand. Together, I am confident that we will achieve extraordinary feats. Let's allow our energy and passion to guide us toward great accomplishments. So, all together, let's proudly raise the colours of the Suns and embark on a journey to conquer new heights!

Go Suns

Coach Cédric Nonn"

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