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The Suns WBBL partnership with Happily Whole is a tremendous opportunity for the Suns players to receive helpful nutrition and fitness advice on a regular basis.

The Founder of Happily Whole is Cat Carr, who played nine years for the Suns and is one of the best players to play in the WBBL.

Len Busch: "I witnessed Cat's physical transformation and mental growth during her years as a Sun and now the whole community can benefit. Cat designs personal strength & conditioning programmes and nutrition plans for our current Suns WBBL players."

Cat Carr: "I've always had a passion for fitness and nutrition so it wasn't hard for me to figure out what was going to come next after I retired from basketball. My last 2 years at Sevenoaks I took the time to get certified as a personal trainer and took some nutrition courses which led me to start Happily Whole. It actually started as #SweatCityWithKitty during the pandemic but quickly turned into a business for me when people began to reach out about living a healthier lifestyle. Happily Whole is centered around being a happier and healthier you! It focuses on nutrition, fitness, accountability and self love. My motto is you only get one body so treat it right! I'm so excited about partnering up with a club that is so near and dear to my heart. Sevenoaks allowed me the space to follow this path while playing, so I'm grateful I get to still be a part of it all. I'm looking forward to helping the women find a new love for fitness and educating them on why nutrition is key to success. We don't play sports to be average, we want to be the best we can be, challenge ourselves in new ways and win, win games, but also win at life."

WBBL star Renee Busch has been with Happily Whole for some time now and we also asked her to talk about her experience.

Renee Busch: "Happily Whole has changed my life! I've been training with Cat for about 3 years now and I feel stronger, more confident and more excited about training now at 30 than I did in all throughout my 20s. And things are only looking up! I love Happily Whole because it's not just a rigid training or nutrition program, it's about your whole life. Cat has given me the guidance to reach my athletic goals while appreciating the other areas of my life and equipping me with the tools to work on work-life balance, mental health, accountability and diet too. I never feel guilty if I have an off day. It's about appreciating the journey and putting in the effort to feel and perform at my best. Since training with Cat my shooting percentages are higher than ever. Last season I shot nearly 50% from 3 - a career high! Improving my strength and core stability has absolutely made me a more effective shooter. I'm also capable of playing more minutes at a higher level of play now. I trust Cat because she knows what it's like to be a professional athlete and she pours the same time, effort, professionalism and love into Happily Whole, her craft and her clients as she did into basketball and her teammates. I'm excited that we're partnering with her more formally so the Suns family can reap the benefits too."

Ta'Yani Clark: "Cat and I ventured on a healthy lifestyle, especially while playing and learning about food and exercising. Often times as professional athletes you like to have things planned out for you, especially workouts but a lot we learned on our own. The benefits of healthy eating paired with the right workout plans Happily Whole changed my life. Cat’s journey to becoming a certified trainer changed the trajectory of my career. I’ll forever be grateful to her for taking me on such a life-changing journey. Now retired, she’s poured into helping other athletes and those that want to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle. As an assistant coach with Sevenoaks, I can now see just how impactful her program is for both athletes and all others. I would highly recommend those looking to start a journey to living healthier and happier, Happily Whole is truly a program worth trying."

The partnership programme is starting with the WBBL team, but does not have to stop there! If any members of the Suns community are interested in learning more about the founder, what Happily Whole offers and seeking personalized training and nutrition guidance, please reach out and email us at

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